Do You Have To Pay Monthly For Procreate?

Being an artist, painter, illustrator, designer, or professional, you must have come across Procreate. Procreate is a powerful and innovative digital art program/app. It offers creatively inclined professionals, a wide range of unique features, and creative tools to create beautiful works of art and illustrations. It aims to digitize the way you draw, expanding your work beyond just the physical paper and canvas.


Procreate for PC has been created, developed, and launched in the Apple Store by Savage Interactive. Both iPhone and iPad support Procreate. Are you wanting to start with Procreate but do not know how to? Do you want to know its payment structure and policies? You will find the answers to all your questions here. Let us get started.


What is Procreate?

First, let us see what Procreate is. Procreate is a digital art, illustration and drawing program that provides you with state-of-the-art tools, an intuitive interface, and unique features to help you create marvelous pieces of work. You can think of Procreate as your art studio featuring dynamic tools, which you can carry anywhere and everywhere with you! Its maker, Savage Interactive, has built an app that has vastly changed the way digital art is done and perceived. 

With this, you feel you are drawing on paper on canvas but in a digital medium. Currently, 326 MB is the size of the app. We have given some features that Procreate offers below.

Notable features

  1. The most notable feature of this app is the set of brushes. With over 200 unique, handcrafted brushes and over 100 customization options for each of them, Procreate sets a high standard in the digital art sphere. Brush Studio is an app entirely dedicated to brush-creation, integrated into Procreate. 

Create your brushes and download new ones created by other people. You can also import-export custom Procreate brushes and have your favorite brushes imported from Adobe Photoshop.


  • Imagine any color and put it on your paintings! Procreate has a vast palette from which you can choose any color of your choice. With Colour Dynamics, you can assign variable colors to any brush of your choice. You can even change the dynamics of color. The Colour Harmony provides you with an intuitive interface to help you pick the next color.


  • Procreate is powered by Valkyrie’s powerful graphics engine, the fastest one for digital art for Mac and iOS users. It makes your work faster and super-smooth. It provides a smooth workflow and easy navigation. With Ultra High Definition canvases, you will get a seamless experience.


  • There is no need for any separate program to record your work. Procreate’s Time-Lapse Replay does your job. It instantly saves your progress and every single brush stroke so that you can re-watch and relive your journey.


  • Procreate comes with a provision of multi-touch gestures that make it an excellent platform to create, keeping it simple and interactive. The two-finger tap to Undo and three-finger redo has become wildly popular among its users. 


  • Procreate works with files of multiple formats that let you share your creations quite easily. Procreate works with JPEG, PNG, PSD, PDF, TIFF, and many other file formats. You can export your work in any file-format and easily continue working on your personal computers.  

These are among a lot of features that Procreate offers its users. All these features and powerful tools work in unison to make Procreate a super powerful and 360-degree digital art platform. Here are a few of the essential points you should go through if you are interested in Procreate.

Device and Software requirements for Procreate

Procreate has been specifically designed for iPad Pro. You cannot operate it on Android or Google devices. Also, it demands an iPadOS version of 13.2 or more. There is a Procreate Pocket version which you can install on your iPhone. It brings you most of the features which Procreate has to offer. 

Accessory devices that Procreate performs the best with

Procreate does not need an accessory device to function. Designed with Touch-Technology, Procreate has a pressure-sensitive painting technology incorporated in it that allows the users to draw and paint only with fingers. 

Are you thinking of using a stylus? Yes, go ahead! A stylus will give you an even better performance. Any iPhone-compatible stylus will work. However, Procreate recommends its users use the Apple Pencil to get the best results. 

Payment Schemes and Plans

Procreate for PC is not a free application. It is available on the Apple Store. It costs $9.99, which you only have to pay once while purchasing the product from the Apple Store. There are no monthly subscriptions or charges that you need to shell out for this. $9.99 one time, for a lifetime!

It is tiring to spend extravagant charges for apps monthly. A high one-time payment is a common issue with many apps and digital products. Many do not do justice to the price the users pay for it. In return for hefty charges, the users do not get the expected features, interface, or tools to work. 

The user-experience falls flat, and the apps lack ease of use. However, Procreate makes an exception. There is no other application to do digital art that offers such a wide range of features without charging a monthly subscription or a hefty one-time payment. 

Just by spending an amount of $9.99 for one time, you can enjoy the most advanced, state-of-the-art app for digital art for your entire lifetime! Given the gamut of tools and features that Procreate provides to its users, a sum of less than $10 is the bare minimum you can spend to enjoy them for the rest of your life. 

If you are looking forward to expanding your artistic skills beyond paper and canvas and want to enjoy digital art and illustration, Procreate is worth buying. Spending less than $10 for something like this is worthwhile. Apart from being an exceptional place for beginners to start their journey to practice digital art, it has everything to offer advanced professionals. You can spend less than $10 and get a lot more in return!

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