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WiseView for PC: The popular android application that can help the users to protect their homes as like a security camera is WiseView for PC. This application will work as a live video of a security cam to your electronic devices like smartphones, mobiles, laptops, etc.

But the essential thing is this application will work based on an internet connection or with the support of Wi-Fi. After the connection with the internet, it will start working to play the live video without causing any interruption.

WiseView for PC is an android application as it permits view, search, and playback all live videos on your devices. This application was designed by Hanwha Techwin’s security products and services. Even it has various versions to download on your operating systems like windows and MacBook.

WiseView app is available free of cost to download and use it on your electronic device as it is compatible with all types of electronic gadgets. If we get into the details, we have some of the support models list in below. Please check the lists of WiseView support models.


List of the supported models by WiseView for PC:

Here, is some of the lists of the supported models by WiseView for PC. 

Support models list: 















How to Install WiseView for PC?

The drawback of WiseView for PC is it can download to your windows with the help of a third-party installer. This is clear that there is no direct download of WiseView for PC application for the desktop version.

This means we cannot download and install the WiseView app to our Windows system or MacBook. But there is a way to download and install WiseView for PC to our operating system. Nothing but we can download and install the WiseView App with the help of Android Software Emulators.

WiseView app is available to download to monitor our homes and to protect it through your operating systems like a security camera. One thing you have to do is to first be to download a Software Android Emulator which is a third-party installer to your device.

The Android Emulator is a software program that enables your device to run and allows you to download Android applications. With the help of the Android Emulator, you can download WiseView for PC.


To download and install any Android Emulator to your operating system, we have to search for the best emulators, and then we have to install it. Through this, you can easily download and install WiseView for PC to your desktop.

We have many lists of software Android Emulators on the internet and among those Bluestacks and Nox players are the best and trusted Android Emulators.

If you download and install these best Android emulators and in-app search you have to look for WiseView App in it. It displays the WiseView application and then you have to click on the download option button and then it starts to download and the next step is going to the installation process.

After the completion of the installation process, you can directly open the app and use it as a security purpose for our home. It is so simple to use WiseView for PC on your operating system. This application is a great way to monitor your office or home when you’re out of the station.

With this app, you can connect multiple cameras to give full security to your office or home when you’re away.

The main purpose of WiseView for PC is to give full security to your house or office and this is the best app to run on your device when you’re away. So, let’s check into the main features of WiseView on Laptops and desktops.

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Features Of WiseView For PC

Addition of Multiple Camera Feeds:

WiseView for PC will let you add multiple cameras of your office or house to monitor from all the angles. This app is perfectly suitable for your operating systems and it will allow you to show every clear live video on your PC.

You do not face any issue when you download it to your computer and linked this app to all the cameras. If you add more cameras to the app and there will be no drop in its performance with a clear video. Even if you connect with many cameras to the app it works with full video clarity and it never experiences to slow down the performance.

High and Clear Image Quality:   

Many of the people who experienced with low-quality image will talk about the performance of any app connected to a camera and its visibility of the video clarity will be less. But when coming to WiseView for PC, it never disappoints us because the image quality is excellent and will the high-resolution video.

If you watch the video on the full screen like on your operating system, then it will be clearer with high quality to view. Even it is also easy to monitor multiple cameras at once.

Without Lag, you can watch Live Video:

We have to face issues sometimes on its performance on our device. In this case, we don’t get any trouble with WiseView for PC and the video streaming will appear with clear and crisp without any lag while playing.

If you connect this app with many cameras then also you don’t find any lag while playing but it takes some time to load. But it is easy to switch between live videos.

Snapshots or capture of the Image:  

You can take screenshots with WiseView application from the live feeds. Including with this, you can capture the image stills when the live video streams on your device. The working of this feature on your operating system is good and you have to export the captured images from the app to your device.

Full Security:

WiseView for PC will provide a high range of security services to your operating system and all these features will perform without any complaint. You’ll definitely appreciate the usage of this application on your device after you experience it with all the features and it provides high-resolution live videos to your computer.

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